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ReaLife Homes leads the way in new urban housing trends which have attracted those who enjoy a cutting edge luxury home as well as a sustainable footprint. As a locally owned niche home builder, ReaLife is committed to constructing each home with materials hand selected for each client’s specific personality, resulting in a luxurious home with its own unique and quality features. We make sure that all of our modern home styles offer diversity in both floorplans and architectural styles. ReaLife Homes believes in the idea of “upscale living with a minimal footprint,” as well as communicating with the outdoors and living in a small community.  Our designs mesh with the natural environment, community, and topography to provide a unique and respectful solution to today’s urban growth.  ReaLife’s four local partners bring over 100 years of combined development and construction experience, across multiple geographic regions, to their urban housing brand.

We strive to redefine Luxury with Quality rather than Quantity


Our Incredible Amenities

Living Spaces

You want to feel comfortable in your home, so it’s vital the living spaces in your home embody the things that are important to you and bring you joy. ReaLife Homes is committed to constructing functional, efficient, and fashionable living spaces specially customized to anticipate consumers’ needs and appeal to their emotions. 

Unique Amenities

Check out some of our favorite home features we include in our floor plans, to see in your mind’s eye the limitless possibilities for creating a space that’s uniquely yours.

Outdoor Living

 In addition to fostering a sense of community, outside living speaks to the overarching new home design trend of indoor and outdoor connectivity.  No matter where it is—be it the back, side or front of a home—more connection between inside and outside living is a growing trend.

With the ever growing desire of always wanting more, we strive to redefine “Luxury” by encouraging the act of learning to want less of what you don’t need so you can better enjoy what you have.

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At ReaLife, we believe in living large with less